Blossom Hill is launching a new style rosé to its portfolio, in an aim to help drive £24m worth of growth into the wine category.

Blossom Hill Pale Rosé, which sits at 11% ABV, is a drier, crisper style of rosé, a style that is showing strong signs of growth in a category that is having challenges at its more traditional end. While fruitier, sweeter styles have fallen 1.7% year on year, it is paler, drier styles that are creating shopper interest, enjoying 13.5% growth year on year (Nielsen Scantrack 27.1.18 vs YA).

One of the rosé category’s key issues in recent years has been its inability to hold the interest of consumers, who have been switching out of rosé – with the fruit cider, mixed spirits and prosecco categories all in growth.

However, shopper insights are showing that these drinkers are now starting to be attracted back into the category by the emergence of paler, drier, more refreshing styles of rosé. And these insights indicate that if suppliers get the proposition right, and capture the imagination of these millennial drinkers, there is an opportunity to inject £24m value back into the wine category (Kantar Worldpanel, Rosé Spend, 28.1.18 vs 31.1.16).

Unlike the current offerings available, Blossom Hill Pale Rosé is accessible in both price point and taste profile – refreshingly crisp with residual fruitiness, making it easy drinking and creating an easy choice for consumers and shoppers from a trusted brand.

The launch will be supported by a marketing campaign aiming to drive trial and awareness by “painting the country ‘Pale Rosé” with a sampling campaign, getting as much liquid to lips to demonstrate the difference of this product compared to the rest of the Blossom Hill Rose range. This will be focussing on high footfall shopping centres and supermarkets.

Alongside this, there will be strong social media support, focussing predominantly on Instagram and Influencer involvement – platforms that are growing ever-more crucial to engage in, in order to truly connect with female millennials.