Shop Project is an annual exercise whereby four stores are given a complete makeover in partnership with leading suppliers.

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At a time when competition is intense and consumers are ever-more price-savvy and demanding in their preferences, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maximise the potential of even the most solid of convenience store businesses.

Sales growth is hard to find, and the rising cost base means there is no longer any room on shelves for passenger products that don’t pay their way. But to identify winners and losers and to update your range and merchandising accordingly is tough to do on your own, without the help of category experts or reliable sales data.

In that context, this year’s edition of Convenience Store’s annual Shop Project comes at an opportune time. Our annual mini makeovers provide learnings for retailers and manufacturers alike as both parties try to maximise category sales from the limited space available inside a typical local convenience store.

Suppliers from key categories such as bread, snacking, spirits and pet care have rolled their sleeves up to drive category sales at our participating stores by introducing new products and updated merchandising plans, and through the application of the latest shopper insight.

The results speak for themselves. In each case we have seen improvements in some aspect or other of the product categories in question at the subject stores, all backed up by robust data delivered by our technology partners The Retail Data Partnership and FCRS.

David Rees – Editor, Convenience Store

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