More retailers than ever are choosing a delivery service as their preferred main method of receiving stock, according to new research from HIM.

The proportion of retailers using delivered wholesale for their main shopping mission has jumped 22 percentage points to 89% in the last year, according to HIM’s exclusive Wholesale Research. In comparison, the “top up” mission has seen growth within cash and carry, and the “top up distress mission” has overtaken “main shop” as the second most popular mission in cash and carry.

The findings demonstrate that retailers are clearly choosing to limit the amount of time they spend out of their store, and as a result are preferring a delivered wholesale service to conduct the bulk of their purchasing. The research also identifies the three main drivers to a delivered wholesaler are value for money, reliability and acceptable prices, which highlights price as an important factor in choosing which wholesaler to use.

Val Kirillovs, research & insights director at HIM, said: “The cash & carry is a pivotal part of the wholesale channel, however there is a clear shift in the role that it plays. More retailers are being driven to C&C on a top up mission, so it is vital that wholesalers adapt their approach to suit this mission. Wholesalers need to simplify their depot layout and use clear signage to ensure retailers can find the product they need quickly.”

The insight, from HIM’s exclusive Wholesale Research that launched today, was conducted through over 6,000 interviews with retailers and foodservice operators, across cash & carry and delivered wholesalers. The results benchmark competitors in the wholesale channel across different categories including missions, range, availability, and quality of website.

For more information and access the research, please contact HIM through the website.