With just over two months to go before the tobacco display ban is implemented in small stores, retailers are advised to start explaining the change to adult smokers.

Awareness of the coming ban is currently low, with almost 50% of UK shoppers totally unaware that convenience stores will no longer be able to display tobacco products in open gantries from 6 April, new data from HIM has revealed.

The findings, taken from a survey of 1,000 UK adult shoppers, also found that more than half of shoppers believe that tobacco prices will rise following a tobacco display ban.

Meanwhile 54% think that queuing times will increase after the display ban. Service times are expected to lengthen as staff struggle to locate brands and adult smokers ask more questions about prices and which brands are cheapest.

However, the survey also revealed that the ban is not expected to change where adult smokers purchase their tobacco products from.

Just under 50% of smokers said they would buy cigarettes and rolling tobacco from convenience stores following the display ban - fractionally up on the current rate of 48.6%.