A couple of retailers got in touch after my ‘Rules is rules’ story (C-Store, 20 April) where I reported that Camelot had taken away a retailer’s Scratchcards and his terminal because he had twice cashed in his own winning tickets at Asda, which subsequently complained to Camelot. He maintained that he had done nothing wrong, but I kept him anonymous.

Subhash Varambhia (Snutch News, Leicester) says he asked his Camelot rep and she said there are no rules - cards can be cashed anywhere within the Camelot family and retailers are obliged to honour them. (He adds that his neighbouring retailer is happy to sell them, but won’t cash them in for his customers.)

And Howard Coffey sent me an email saying that there is a Spar garage very near him that refuses to cash winners after 7pm. Howard doesn’t try to cash any of his own at the Spar - he was just observing the store’s policy.

As Subhash concluded: “Something’s not quite right. Then again, what is straightforward?”

So I sought further clarification from Camelot and this was the reply from a spokesman. “I’ve double-checked this with colleagues and there’s no rule that says that National Lottery retailers can’t cash in their winning tickets at another retailer - it only becomes an issue if we have concerns around potential misuse of National Lottery stock.

“Also, retailers should be paying out prizes up to £100 (they can pay up to £500 at their discretion) during normal business hours.”

It’s good to set the record straight.