June Cooper was in a bit of a quandary when she rang me in late February to say that she and her husband Raymond were about to retire from their business, The Store in Caithness, but PayPoint had told them that there would be a £500 + Vat removal fee plus a £600 + Vat service fee to end the contract.

She says she hadn’t read the small print on the letter they received last year that had said they could get out without penalty if they notified PP by May 2017. At the time they thought they had a buyer, but he pulled out. Another potential purchaser couldn’t raise a loan because the building is asbestos and timber framed.

So now they were just going to close the shop. She says they were lucky to make £3 commission a month from PP. She had also written to PP again, setting out her case, but wanted me to try to persuade PP to let them off the hook.

No problem. PP confirmed the same day that the equipment would be removed without penalty.