Nice to hear from Peter Smith, former postmaster in the Wiltshire village of Sutton Benger for the past 29 years, who retired mid-April. He has been in touch with me several times over the years and rang to express thanks for the column, which was nice of him (I actually have a little alumni of half a dozen ex-retailers who stay in touch).

Peter has taken up the offer to retire his post to make way for a new location. He says: “It’s going to a much better environment.”

This is part of the Post Office’s transformation programme. Previously, chez Peter’s, the business was part of his house. “It was 50 yards to get to work,” he says.

He will miss the people, but not the work. His business was purely a one-man band and he hasn’t had a holiday in 15 years.

He said he does have one piece of advice that I hope none of you will find yourself in a position having to heed: “No matter how well you think you know someone, you don’t. Never let someone use your address.”

Presumably, this should particularly apply if you run a post office. Anyway, he once did this favour for a ‘friend’ and wound up with bailiffs at the door.

We wish Peter peaceful pastures.