Dr Glyn Reece, my ‘norvvern’ correspondent (Penny’s Chester) also commented on several of the pleas for feedback made in past weeks.

First, the aforementioned newspaper voucher schemes. He says he keeps tabs on Daily Mail promotions (and is fortunate in that his rep is very supportive) and says his customers call to see if they are acceptable (the vouchers, that is). “We INSIST they bring the whole book in (in advance), mainly so that if they drop off, we still get paid, but also we can claim on time, in time.”

The doc also came back with a response to parcel handling. The store offers a Collect+ service via PayPoint, handling 20-30 parcels a day. At 35p per parcel, this is “not to be sniffed at”, says Glyn.

And finally he follows up on the story about Coca-Cola’s rules on what you can, or more pointedly cannot, stock in its branded coolers. The retailer in the original story was keeping milk at the bottom of her’s for her regular customers.

So, here’s a health and safety point from the doc: “Coke coolers work at 420deg F that’s far too warm for milk.”