I don’t know how much ATMs cost, but I guess it’s enough to mean that Cardtronics are loath to change Naren Amin’s Cashzone machine. Some may be getting déjà vu over this. Last December I reported that his machine regularly failed and customers had been taking it out on him. After intervention it was put right (a faulty cassette) and I was given a statement which said, in part: “Our team will keep a close eye on the ATM to make sure there are no further issues.”

Fast forward a couple of months and Naren emails: “Once again the machine (ancient and unreliable) started to play up. Within weeks the machine was causing paper jams. Since last week we have had 56 jams, which means 56 irate customers, especially as we are accepting cash only for certain purchases since the new law. We lost a few customers.”

He adds: “The engineers who visited our store can’t believe Cardtronics haven’t supplied us with a new machine. We have been valuable customers for a few years. They were gobsmacked that we still have this old machine. Please could you help, as the new law on surcharges means we rely on free-to-use ATMs.”

Once again I contacted Cashzone and a spokesperson replied:”We regret if Mr Amin has not been fully satisfied with our service and we’d like to apologise for this. One of our engineers attended Mr Amin’s store to fix the ATM and are keeping a very close eye on it to make sure it continues to work as it should.”

There’s that ‘close eye’ again.

I asked Naren if it was behaving itself now and he says: “Problem seems to be fixed, but we are still having problems with the machine, as it does not read cards after the machine has transacted a certain amount. So everyday we are constantly resetting the machine.

“They know about the problem, but still won’t give me a new machine.”