I’ll just crawl out from under my rock for long enough to update you all on the photocopier front (although it’s quite comfy under here). When reporting in the last issue that two retailers felt they had been had over by Ezeecopy’s photocopier contract, I said that my advice for future reference was to buy a machine if you wanted to offer the service instead of getting tied into pricey, lengthy contracts.

This prompted an email from Robert Fox, Mount Services, Shrewsbury. He wrote: “A bit of an analogue answer I think. For £50 you can buy an all-in-one computer printer/scanner/copier with wi-fi and usb connectivity, from any reputable high street store.

“It works as a standalone unit so you don’t have to wire it up.”

Just as well, as I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to wire anything up. But it sounds like good 21st century advice.