Does anybody know of an IT company or person who can repair Dipak Patel’s two-lane epos system that he purchased when he was part of the Costcutter group? He says he paid about £9K for the system in 2006, but left the group three years ago. He now runs Krishna Stores in Leicester as an unaffiliated independent.

The support company is Barron McCann in Derby, but it won’t send anyone out (even though he offered to pay) because Dipak is no longer a member of the symbol group.

He writes: “I wonder if any of your readers know anyone who can help with finding engineers who know about the Costcutter system and are able to repair the Digipos blades? “I’ve tried everything but nobody seems to want to touch Costcutter Digipos.”

I know as much about Digipos blades as I do about brain surgery, but hopefully someone ‘out there’ knows someone who can get under the bonnet, so to speak, and make the thing run again.