It's the principle that counts. That's what people say to justify the time they have to spend in the righting of an admin oversight/error that is often not worth very much money in the great scheme of things, but which is nevertheless your money.
It usually involves a tedious amount of time and the grinding frustration of having to tell your side of the story yet again to someone else who really doesn't give a toss because it isn't their money.
So it was with Kevin Groundfell, who runs Meadow Road Post Office in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Kevin takes the government's Healthy Start tokens (which have moved on from milk tokens in that they can now be used for fruit and veg).
"When we get up to about 38 tokens, which are worth £2.80 each, we send them off and the money gets paid into our bank," he says. Or not, as happened last October.
He was paid for the second batch, a month later, but not the first. He made phone calls and wrote letters, and got nowhere.
I suggested he threaten them with small claims court or engage a local MP. It's surprising what they can achieve.
Sadly, his MP was recovering from a stroke, however the MP's office said "we know our way around departments" and someone helpful wrote a letter to a named individual. It did the trick, just in time.
"I was about to write it off as a tax loss," says Kevin. And you can understand why - it was a lot of work to recover £117 for taking part in a scheme that should be foolproof.