McColl’s has partnered with point-of-sale marketing specialists Ecrebo to provide personalised offers and messages on receipts to customers.

Using Ecrebo’s OnPoint Total Receipt Marketing software, McColl’s can add personalised offers and messages to its receipts issued across its network of 1,223 convenience stores and newsagents across England, Scotland and Wales.

McColls Spend

This partnership follows a trial of Ecrebo’s light-touch POS software technology in a number of McColl’s stores. The technology is now being rolled out to the whole estate, with a view to helping McColl’s drive enhanced customer engagement.

Our partnership with Ecrebo is all about better understanding their needs so we can provide a more tailored and relevant shopping experience, rewarding them with offers that are tailored to their shopping in real-time,” explained McColl’s chief commercial officer Richard Crampton. “Ecrebo’s software enables us to reach every shopper with bespoke savings whilst giving us the flexibility to target coupons to specific stores or product categories across the estate,

CEO at Ecrebo David Buckingham added: “McColl’s customers will receive regular, relevant targeted offers to encourage them back in, to buy the things they want and need from their local store. This is another major retail chain in the UK who are adopting this technology and the results so far have been really encouraging. We’re looking forward to building this relationship further and delivering more value over the coming months and years.”