Jisp Shopt

B2B app *Shopt and B2C app Jisp have joined forces, claiming that the partnership will bring transparency and alignment of investment and data from store shelf to shopper basket.  

Registering with *Shopt gives retailers access to exclusive product offers, incentivising the stock and display of featured lines, while Jisp creates the pull through to shopper sales via its savings and reward app.

The partnership will give brands full visibility of sales ‘’in’’ and sales ‘’out’’ across independent stores in conjunction with leading insights on retailer and shopper. The data will support brand’s ability to understand retailer and shopper behaviours more accurately, for the first time in this channel.  

The groups claim that this is the start of a “convenience revolution” designed to help brands, retailers and shoppers to make money and save money through more connected, transparent and profitable business.  

Ilann Hepworth, Jisp managing director, said: “We’re excited and proud of our new partnership with *Shopt to provide thousands of independent convenience retailers the benefit of a powerful retail media proposition at zero cost to them. Our partnership will support getting shoppers back into stores, drive sales, offset rising costs, help shoppers save on their favourite brands and be rewarded for shopping locally. Brands will equally benefit from enhanced connected media that will provide first party data ‘in’ and sales ‘out’, helping brands to drive new ways to grow sustainable distribution, sales and measure ROI whilst supporting small independent convenience retailers.”

Jemma Blaylock, managing director of *Shopt, said: “I am delighted and hugely excited by our partnership with Jisp. Whilst the pandemic triggered the start of significant change in independent convenience, we’re at a pivitol moment in time to provide the connected innovation and insight that brands and retailers urgently need to sell more and save money. Our passionate belief about putting the retailer at the heart of this partnership means we can enable a liquid and agile way of trading, eliminating duplication and waste and ensuring investment reachers retailers and shoppers directly increasing sales.”

Last month, Jisp launched a store-specific loyalty scheme aimed at independent retailers to help them attract, engage, and reward shoppers.