Consumers experiencing food shortages and considering stockpiling has increased over the past week.

Research conducted by IGD on 8-10 October revealed an increase in the number of adults experiencing shortages of food and groceries in-store or online.

The survey found 67% of adults claimed to have experienced shortages, up from 62% on the previous weekend.

Categories most affected were fresh produce (25%), followed by dairy, fresh meat or fish (both 19%), soft drinks (18%), tins and packaged foods (17%) with concerns highest in London (76%), Scotland (73%) South West (73%) and South East (72%).

Availability vs Stockpiling


IGD also reported an increase in the number of adults who have recently felt the need to stock up or purchase more than they normally do (34% vs 27% the previous weekend) however this is still relatively low compared to 50% in January 2021 and a high of 64% in April 2020.

There has also been an increase in the number who say they will or might stock up (40% compared to 34%). This is still much lower than the 60% recorded in March 2020.

IGD found that the top categories that are being stocked up are tins and packaged foods (13%) and household paper (10%). These are followed by hand sanitizer (7%), household products and dairy (6%).

Recent research by Lumina Intelligence found that one-in-three consumers are planning to stockpile for Christmas before the end of October.