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american spirit

JTI re-names Natural American Spirit tobacco

22 Sep 2016

JTI’s Natural American Spirit tobacco will be re-launched in legally compliant packs with the name ‘American Spirit’.

Marlboro new seal design

Marlboro launches fresh packaging innovation

04 Aug 2016

Philip Morris Limited (PML) has launched a unique product feature for Marlboro, designed to give the premium cigarette brand more of an edge in the plain packaging environment.

sterling cigarettes

JTI's Sterling decked out in limited edition look

27 Jul 2016

JTI’s Sterling brand will be available in limited edition packs (LEPs) throughout August.

Tobacco gantry

Tobacco: Mainly on the plain

10 Mar 2017 | By David Rees

With the May 20 cut-off for sales of non-compliant tobacco products approaching, retailers are making the tricky transition to the new packs


E-cigarettes: Help flick the switch

07 Oct 2016

The number of UK vapers has almost doubled over the past two years as traditional tobacco smokers give the e-cigs category a try.


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Britvic webinar

Understanding the soft drinks levy

30 Jun 2017

What is the soft drinks industry levy or so-called “sugar tax”, and what does it mean for your business?