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Well & Truly

Well & Truly gets new look and smokey flavour

09 Apr 2018

Snack brand Well & Truly is launching a new design for its snack range, alongside a new Smokey Paprika flavour.

Rollover 2-for-1 promotion

Win 2-for-1 Chessington tickets with Rollover

09 Apr 2018

Rollover is rolling out a 2-for-1 voucher promotion for Chessington World of Adventures.

Walkers TV ad

Walkers celebrates 70th with nostalgic TV campaign

09 Apr 2018

Walkers is inviting the public to celebrate its 70th anniversary with a new TV campaign.

Propercorn new design

Propercorn redesign makes packs pop

06 Apr 2018

Propercorn has undergone a brand refresh to increase shelf standout and add personality to its seven flavours.

Cofresh Ramadan snacks

Cofresh snacks made for Ramadan

06 Apr 2018

Indian snacks manufacturer Cofresh has launched bespoke new products for Ramadan.

Warburtons Deli Buns

Warburtons reveals premium Bistro Deli Buns

06 Apr 2018

Warburtons has created new Bistro Deli Buns made with ‘premium’ ingredients such as honey, extra virgin olive oil and seeds.

Low calorie Ginsters pasties

Ginsters taps into low-calorie and vegetarian trends

06 Apr 2018

Ginsters of Cornwall has responded to consumer demands for healthier and vegetarian options with four new products.

Landmark Wholesale Lifestyle products

Landmark Wholesale improves Lifestyle margins

04 Apr 2018

Landmark Wholesale is offering an increased POR of 40% with its latest promotion, available exclusively to Lifestyle Express retailers.

Kellogg's Mega Packs

Kellogg's mega packs for price-conscious customers

04 Apr 2018

Kellogg’s has upsized three of its best-selling brands to entice shoppers looking for better value for money.

Jammie Dodgers Lemon Twist

Burton's reveals Jammie Dodgers Lemon Twist

04 Apr 2018

Burton’s Biscuit Company is extending its Jammie Dodgers range with the launch of a limited-edition Lemon Twist variant.


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