Contactless payment for low-value transactions will be the next major technology investment for Costcutter stores.
Director of IT Kevin Widdrington said contactless payment was a "massive opportunity" for retailers, and the group plans to adopt the technology after the London trial. The national rollout of contactless payment is due to begin in 2008, and the technology can be added to retailers' existing Chip and PIN pads.
He added: "It's a huge business opportunity and we're monitoring its success. We are going to jump on this after the rollout in London. The speed we adopt contactless payment will depend on the rate Visa and Mastercard start handing out the cards."
The symbol group is also keeping an eye on electronic shelf-edge labels and near field communications (NFC), which will allow shoppers to pay for goods with their mobile phone.
Widdrington said: "We'll see electronic shelf-edge labels in the next 12 months to two years. We won't be jumping on NFC straightaway, but we will be backing it at a later date."