Dave's concerned by the rise of a new political force - one that's a bit too close to home

There was a time when I looked forward to the build up and the drama of election night. Now I just want change in the faint hope that it may bring a turnaround in the economy.

For me a change of government might bring a change to the 'nanny state' that has blighted us with so much red tape in recent years. In Hastings, our Labour MP has introduced a campaign to encourage newsagents to promote a "family friendly" environment for their customers. He is calling on families to report stores that are openly displaying 'sexually explicit' newspapers and magazines and he will publish a list. He wants customers to define what constitutes an acceptable display.

I chose many years ago to not stock top-shelf magazines after being approached by a group of local mothers. Customers vote with their feet and can chose not to use my store they don't need our politicians telling them where to shop.

I recall in the 80s having a stopover in Dubai and the only English paper available was The Sun in which every Page 3 girl had received a black marker pen bra. Maybe that's the solution. What's next: will there be a list of small stores that should be avoided by obese people as they sell lard and cakes, and by gamblers as they sell the Racing Post?

Maybe my MP could look closer at why Tesco sold exactly the same Easter eggs at £5 each or two for £8 as I got from Booker to sell at £3 each. Maybe that's not a vote winner. Its a lot easier to clamp down on the already downtrodden small businessss than it is on the multiples.

How long before Tesco becomes the fourth major political party? There seems little left that they are not prepared to undertake in their quest for domination our lives. They could give treble Club Card points to every voter!

Dave Newman