Kate Miller asks a handful of consumers whether they would shop at a c-store on Christmas Day.

Scott Roberts, Kent.
“Yes, I did go to a convenience store last year on Christmas Day. I bought gravy, Sellotape and Pot Noodle - a bit strange, I know, but the reason was that I was working the next day and knew nothing would be open. My wife usually does the main shopping at Christmas. I think I got some cash back, too. I tend to use the store as a bit of a bank as I live in a village with no cashpoint machine.”

Deborah Cave, Crawley, West Sussex.
“I tend to do all my food shopping at Christmas at Sainsbury’s, but I get bread, milk and cigarettes at the convenience store. I go a lot less than usual to the local one, though, as I’m a great believer in not going out over Christmas and so I tend to really stock up beforehand.”

Lesley Steaman, Crawley, West Sussex.
“I’ve not been to one on Christmas Day but I do go around Christmastime - there’s always one open. I tend to use them for anything I’ve run out of, like milk or bread, and for topping up my phone.”

Vanessa McNamara, Billingshurst, West Sussex
“I did visit a convenience store on Christmas Day once where I used to live. I think it was for cigarettes and wine - alcohol, anyway! I stick to the big stores for a main shop and visit local c-stores just to top up.”

Susan Waugh, Crawley, West Sussex
“I’ve never been to one on Christmas Day but they’re there when you need them. I do my main shop in the supermarket and then go to a c-store for top-ups.”

Becky Aitken, Crawley, West Sussex
“I do my food shopping in the big shops but do a bit of top-up in the smaller ones at Christmas. There’s a Co-op and a Spar by me. I can get all the staples there, like milk and bread, even at Christmas.”

Emma Axon, Sutton, Surrey.
“There’s nowhere open on Christmas Day where I live - even if I wanted to go out shopping. I use the big stores for my main shop and tend to buy stuff I’ve forgotten like cranberry sauce at c-stores.”

Vivien Scully, Crawley, West Sussex.
“I’ve never been to a shop on Christmas Day. I do go to the convenience store all the time at Christmas, probably more often than usual. We get through a lot of food in our family.”