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Independent retailers and local residents are fighting back against the dominance of the supermarkets, according to two surveys released this week.

TNS Worldpanel grocery marketshare figures for the 12 weeks to 17th June 2007 reveal that the independent and symbol group sector showed growth of 8%, outstripping the multiples.

TNS' Edward Garner said: “It is also worth noting that the independent sector may be finding its niche after decades of pressure from the multiples - its share is stable and the growth rate is ahead of the market and the highest seen in recent years.”

Tesco continues to dominate other retailers, said Garner, although Asda and Sainsbury showed higher percentage growth rates over the three month period.

However, Tesco's position is challenged by an opinion poll released today which claims that nearly half of local residents would oppose a new store in their area. The GSK NOP survey for Friends of the Earth, released on the day of Tesco's AGM, says 43% of people in the UK would oppose a new Tesco store while only 33% would welcome one.

Jacqui Mackay, spokesperson for the anti-Tesco campaign Tescopoly said: “We are seeing more and more active campaigns against Tesco. Communities are seeing that they can win and they are simply not prepared just to sit back and let Tesco take over their towns.”
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