A staggering 76% of shoppers visit supermarkets to do their top-up shopping each week.

HIM’s VITAL (visitors to all sectors) study shows that the make-up of visits to supermarkets has moved from main shopping trips to smaller top-up trips - supermarket shoppers make 2.1 visits a week, and 1.6 of these visits are top-ups. They also spend 20% more per trip than those using c-stores - £6.40 compared with £5.30.

C-stores may be rated higher for speed of service, staff friendliness and cleanliness in research, but that doesn’t stop consumers from using bigger stores for emergency purchases - twice as many shoppers are distress shopping at supermarkets as c-stores. That’s despite the fact that only 18% of supermarket top-up shoppers cite product availability as an advantage over c-stores.

Grocery and fresh produce are the top-selling lines in a supermarket. Other popular lines include c-store staples such as newspapers, milk, bread and snacking lines. Nearly a quarter of supermarket c-store customers use ATMs or get cash back.