The National Federation of Subpostmasters (NFSP) has called for action on mail segregation to continue following a lack of progress in talks with Post Office Limited (POL).

In a letter to members of the NFSP, general secretary George Thomson urged a continuation of refusing to segregate mail behind the counter due to the POL removing the 1p payment per piece of mail sorted earlier this year.

“While POL has indicated a desire to resolve the situation, no satisfactory offer has so far been made,” he said.

According to a NFSP survey, almost 90% of members are refusing to segregate the mail.

Thomson added that the withdrawal of payment for mail segregation by POL, coupled with the recent announcement of bonus payments for Post Office management, has led to growing frustration among subpostmasters.

“The news that POL managers last year awarded themselves bonus payments totalling £15m has compounded the sense of injustice felt by us all about the growing inequality in pay between POL and those running the network.”

He also called for the Post Office to be reintegrated back into the Royal Mail Group, and asked members to refuse to stock information prospectuses on how to buy shares in Royal Mail.

“POL will offer a payment to those post offices taking the documents, and we understand that in these difficult times, accepting payment will be tempting,” he added. “However, we do not believe any payment will be worth it.”