A Best-One retailer in Newbury, Berkshire, has been told he must remove the store's window vinyls because they are 'not in keeping' with the neighbourhood.

Planning inspectors upheld a decision by West Berkshire Council that Dhirendra Patel, who runs Fifth Road Stores, take down the Best-One fascia and window vinyls, which include large illustrations of beer and newspapers against the group's distinctive blue background.

Dhirendra said that removing the vinyls would expose the backs of shelves and create a security risk, while taking down the fascia would simply reveal an older one beneath.

He added: "All I am asking for is a level playing field. There are many shops in Thatcham and Newbury with window displays like mine, so why must I alone remove them?"

A West Berkshire Council spokeswoman said: "The independent planning inspector agreed with the Council's view that the scale of the display of advertisements on the shop window was not in keeping with this primarily residential area."

Dhirendra is considering appealing against the decision.