Spar’s service levels are currently running at a record 98.7%, while its five wholesalers are recording on average 97.5% deliveries on time.

Spar attributed the success to its streamlined consolidation centre system, which is showing “exceptional growth” thanks to its close working relationship with distribution firm Oakland International.

It also credited the five Spar wholesalers for ensuring efficiency, allocation and timely distribution in the supply chain.

Debbie Robinson, Spar UK managing director, said: “Our service levels make Spar one of the nation’s strongest convenience supply chains.

“Customers will consistently find the products they love on our stores’ shelves, even in extreme peak periods.

“We are very proud of our efficient, distribution system, and this winter we look forward to giving our retailers the best possible service, no matter what the weather conditions may be.”

Spar has over 380 lorries delivering to stores across the UK six days a week.