Smiths News has launched an app enabling retailers to manage their news orders via a mobile phone or tablet device.

The SNapp gives newsagents visibility of the progress of their delivery, plus current credits, charges and orders.

Traders can make live claims for credit and missing product via the app, as well as receiving direct messages about re-runs, promotions or adverse weather conditions affecting delivery schedules. It is hoped that any routine issues with retailers’ news bills or deliveries can be resolved using the app instead of having to ring the local depot.

Retailers can claim credits and change orders in real time using the app, as it is connected directly to Smiths News’ SAP network. It also features a searchable database of titles enabling retailers to expand their news order.

The app has been devised following extensive research and tested with a small group of newsagents in the Wednesbury area of the West Midlands before being rolled out this week.

The free app is suitable for both Apple and Android devices, and is available from both Apple’s App Store and Play Store.