Shoppers staying local has led to an increase in both sales and volume for the past six months for Nisa-Today’s.

The group posted an 11.84% year-on-year growth in sales to £651.4m for the six month period to September 2009. It also reported a 6.6% growth in volume sales for this period. According to the group, this puts it on track to exceed its £1.3bn turnover by the end of March 2010.

Nisa-Today’s chief executive officer Neil Turton was pleased with the results and added that the results signified that shoppers are looking locally for their shopping.

“All areas of the business are performing very well,” said Turton. “It seems evident that consumers are returning to vibrant local stores for their shopping needs.”

The group also increased its store numbers by 25.4% so far in 2009. 182 stores joined this year and 136 stores left Nisa bringing the group’s net membership number to over 600.

Nisa members also saw benefits in 2009 - the group reported that rebates to members were up 15% compared to 2008 and earlier this year it paid out a £500,000 surplus for the second year running.