UK shoppers want convenience stores to focus more on BBQ meat packs during the warm summer months, according to new HIM research.

Questioned on what c-stores should offer ‘more of/ better of’ in terms of picnics and BBQs, 37% of nearly 2,000 respondents said BBQ meat packs such as chicken.

Pre-prepared salads and pre-marinated meat both received 26% of the vote, while premium meat and fish ranges were named by 22% of respondents.

Some 20% chose pre-made kebabs, 17% said ice buckets and ice, and 16% said pre-prepared picnic hampers.

Blake Gladman, HIM’s research and insights manager, said: “Convenience stores are perfectly placed to cater for the needs of the impulsive shopper.

“With the hot weather leading to many impromptu BBQ’s and picnics, it’s no wonder that shoppers are looking for quick, convenient solutions, with pre-prepared and simple combinations to grab and go for a no-fuss experience. “