The long-running battle to keep a national supermarket chain out of the Norfolk town of Sheringham will take a new turn next month when residents vote on the future of the development.

Six thousand locals have been sent letters inviting them to cast their votes in a parish poll to decide which of two proposed supermarkets goes ahead or whether both should be rejected.

The town has for 15 years turned down proposals from Tesco, and in March North Norfolk District Council opted for a plan to build an out-of-town eco-store proposed by a local businessman with support from Waitrose. Tesco has since returned to the table with a revised application.

The residents, all registered voters, will be asked if they prefer the Greenhouse Community Project which includes a Waitrose supermarket, a food academy and kitchen gardens, or Tesco's plans to build a supermarket and construct a new fire station.

A third choice is for Sheringham to remain without any supermarket development. Voters will be invited to give a yes or no answer to all three.