A middle-aged man has been apprehended in central Scotland for allegedly making a proxy alcohol purchase for an under-18, following a police and government campaign to crack down on the issue.

The 47-year-old, who was not named, has been reported to the procurator fiscal after allegedly buying alcohol from a store, in West Crindledyke.

Police Scotland did not want to name the store because it said it was “working in partnership” as part of a campaign throughout the summer holidays and September – You’re Asking For It – to stamp out proxy purchasing.

The initiative is a partnership between Police Scotland, the Scottish Government Alcohol Industry Partnership and North Lanarkshire Partnership.

“We don’t want to be naming and shaming locations,” a police spokeswoman said, adding it would only consider doing so if a premises become troublesome. “We are trying to work together.”

Wholesalers and retailers have got on board with the campaign, with United Wholesale, for example, calling on its retail customers to support local authorities when selling alcohol products.