Scottish retailers are reporting a smooth transition to the new plastic bag levy.

The 5p charge on all plastic bags came into effect on 20 October. The levy was introduced with the aim of reducing the 800 million single-use bags that are given out every year in Scotland.

Calum Duncan of Kincraig Stores in Kingussie has seen the number of plastic bags handed out drop with little resistance from customers.

“Our customers seem to be used to it now and bag usage has plummeted,” he said. “We have sold only 82 since the charge compared with 1,000 a month previously.”

Edinburgh Premier retailer Dennis Williams also reported a “substantial” drop in bag usage - despite having implemented a 5p charge several years ago. “A lot of people are opting for our 10p reusable bag, and they do seem to be coming back in with them,” he said.