A retailer whose staff were so traumatised by an armed robbery at his store that they won’t leave their homes says he is struggling to find counselling support for them.

Tony Scott’s store in Bampton, Oxfordshire, was held up last Monday evening by three armed robbers who barricaded the doors to prevent more customers entering and subjected the three members of staff to a horrific ordeal.

The robbers then made off with the contents of the store’s till.

“One of my staff resisted the robbers and then events took over,” said Tony. “The thieves were in the store for about 10-15 minutes.

“But now I’m having great difficulty in getting counselling support for the staff. The Victim Support line just rings and rings and our Crime Reduction Officer contacted a local victim support organisation but they are volunteers and were all on holiday when I called.”

If you know anyone who can offer counselling support to retail staff, contact Convenience Store on 01293 610426.