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A Lancashire retailer has been told he will not face criminal charges following a fatal struggle with an armed robber.

Serial offender Liam Kilroe attacked Skelmersdale retailer Tony Singh as he attempted to drive off in his car minutes after closing his Lifestyle Express store in the town.

In the violent struggle which followed, Kilroe ended up being fatally stabbed by a single blow to the chest with his own knife.

Tony, 34, who sustained knife wounds to his face and neck as he defended himself in the attack, endured an agonising wait to find out if he would face any charges, after Lancashire Police sent a file on the case to the Crown Prosecution Service to consider whether a murder, manslaughter or assault charge should be brought against him.

Kilroe, 25, was granted bail last year despite calls for him to remain in custody after the collapse of his trial for two other robberies in the county. Lancashire Police issued a warrant for his arrest just under two weeks ago after he failed to turn up in court. He was on the run and due to reappear in court the day after his death.

Tony told Convenience Store he had "gone through hell" in the last week but thanked his neighbours and customers for all their support.

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In regards to the law protecting retailers, I can confidently say no. I deal with abusive customers on a daily basis and the number of times I log each incident and call the police is unacceptable. The police never show on time, if they bother to show at all. The feeling I get from the police is as though I'm wasting their time when all I'm asking for is help.
God forbid I try to defend myself - they come to arrest me at 6 in the morning, which happened recently when a customer tried to slash me with a machete. Guess what? They let him off with a caution. No wonder people have no fear of the police, the law is a joke.

Harjeet Mann

It's good to see the law get it right in this case. Too often it favours the rights of the criminal over those of the person attacked. Best wishes to Mr Singh.

Tony Prowse

I can't believe this was ever referred to the CPS. Well done Tony for standing up for all of us, our thoughts are with you.

Pamela James

This man's wait while England's dithering and weak legal system decided he has no case to answer for is typical of a legal system frightened of its own shadow. Poor quality policing and the CPS (Criminal Protection Service) make justice a very expensive joke on the tax payer.

Alan Rimmer