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The Association of News Retailing (ANR) has hit out at 'scaremongers' who oppose changes to the newspaper and magazine distribution system. It says that allowing retailers to choose their news supplier would have a positive effect.
ANR managing director John Lennon said that the Association's new report, Tomorrow's News, demonstrated that retailers could thrive under a different supply chain.
"It takes the emotion out of the debate and looks at how retailers can respond to potential changes," he told Convenience Store. "The future of a new supply chain for news-papers and magazines does not bear any resemblance to that portrayed by scaremongers who claim that news retailers will be damaged by these changes. Instead, the report shows that choice of news supplier would bring significant opportunities for all professional retailers."
The report analyses the potential outcomes of the OFT's inquiries into the news industry and the options available for retailers to develop their business under each scenario.
Lennon added: "Self-regulation has not permeated the consciousness of independent retailers, and we should no longer kid ourselves that it is effective in protecting and supporting them."
The Tomorrow's News report can be downloaded at

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