A town in Surrey is using its high street CCTV cameras to catch adults who buy alcohol for minors.
By training their cameras on the outside of shops and off licences where youths tend to congregate, town centre CCTV operators in West Molesey are able to identify proxy purchasers and inform the police of their whereabouts.
The move is part of a bid to crack down on drink-fuelled antisocial behaviour which has been plaguing the area.
Police are also warning the community that any adult caught supplying alcohol to a person under 18 will be issued with an £80 on-the-spot fine, and could be reported for a court summons.
Neighbourhood specialist officer PC Philip Jebb said: "It is unbelievable that some people still feel it is acceptable to purchase alcohol for underaged children. There are good reasons why this is against the law. First is the danger to the youngsters themselves, and second, the impact of antisocial behaviour on the community."
Jebb added that a "similarly robust" approach would be taken with any retailers caught selling alcohol to under-18s.