A survey of retailers' buying habits has revealed that 65% buy pricemarked products each time they visit their local cash & carry.
Research consultancy HIM interviewed 3,660 independents at wholesale outlets across the UK for the Cash & Carry Retailer Tracking Programme. It found that 69% felt pricemarked packs had a positive effect on sales in their stores, with only 10% saying pricemarking did not work for them.
The survey also revealed that less then half of the beer sold in independents' stores is chilled, with 20% of those interviewed saying they chill only 20% of their beer. HIM sales and marketing director Tom Fender said it was a huge opportunity lost, adding that chilled drinks could be seen as the next "availability guarantee".
He also revealed that although 51% of store owners believed their businesses were involved in local events, this figure was at odds with previous research which stated that only 22% of shoppers believe their local independent shop played an active role in the community.