As one of the many retailers who paid a very high price for failing to cancel my electricity contract last year (Convenience Store, May 1), I most certainly was going to learn by my mistakes, so I sent a letter of termination, recorded delivery, and the acknowledgment from my energy supplier left me more than enough time to  re-negotiate a new deal.

I contacted several energy suppliers who were all very keen to do business, each assuring me that they were offering me the best deal available.

As I played one against another, the rates dropped almost by the hour, with talk of 'special deals' that weren't available to anyone else. In one case I was told that the deal was so good they could only hold it until the close of business that day. I think I now know where double-glazing salesmen retire to - I just hope they get a good commission to justify the unethical way they deal with their customers.

In the midst of all this I came across in a 'Great Discounts' booklet I received from Booker. Their quote beat all those from the energy suppliers. Four days later one of the suppliers beat that quote by £20 per annum - that was the one that said I had to close the deal that day.

It was decision time. Do I go with the vultures and save £20, or go with the broker who had been upfront with me from the word go? The broker won hands down thanks to the very professional, personal service, and all negotiations confirmed by email.

They even said they would contact me before the end of my contract, to ensure I don't invoke any assumptive renewal clauses.

I'm not taking any chances, though. The £10,000 I overpaid last year still hurts, so I will be sending a notification to terminate my contract the day after it starts!