Suffolk forecourt retailer Chris Woodruff is being forced to invest thousands of pounds in a fuel loyalty scheme for his staff, after rising pump prices made it too expensive for some members of his team to drive to work.

As of next week, Chris who owns the rural Darlsham Service Station said he would be offering all of his staff 20% off the cost of fuel from his site.

"It's now costing many people almost £100 to fill up their cars - a price most just can't afford. Implementing the scheme will set me back a further £3,000 a year, but what choice do I have? I can't run a business without staff. I'm hoping that by demonstrating to them that I'm doing all I can to help that they will help me back, by staying on at the store."

The investment was the latest in a string of blows to his margins, Chris added.

"In addition to rising wages and business rates, the cost of a tanker of fuel has also risen sharply from £36,000 to more than £45,000 in the past year, which is a huge strain.

"The government must step in and stop this situation from getting any worse, or face disastrous consequences," he said.