A paperless coupon scheme which offers discounts to shoppers via their mobile phone is to be rolled out this summer to 17,500 retailers with PayPoint terminals.
The Shop Scan Save programme will text special offers from big name suppliers including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé and Masterfoods direct to the consumer, who can then claim the discount from participating stores by scanning a personal barcode from the screen of their phone.
Paypoint says that removing the paper-based claim process will simplify coupon handling for retailers, who presently face lengthy delays before being reimbursed for promotional discounts. The automated process, which uses existing PayPoint equipment, is expected to reimburse retailers within a few days.
Shoppers will also be able to send a text to search for available discounts on the products they need.
The system was originally trialled by Jacksons stores in the Hull area, where the scheme achieved a 20% redemption rate, well ahead of the estimated 3-4% return from paper coupons. With Jacksons now owned by Sainsbury, the chain's enthusiasm for the scheme has apparently waned.
PayPoint's chief executive Dominic Taylor said: "This will appeal to younger consumers, which should encourage retailers to register their interest."
PayPoint retailers will be sent information on how to opt into the Shop Scan Save scheme in the next few weeks.