A Sheffield-based Premier retailer is expecting sales to rocket after being granted permission to get a drop curb to allow for parking outside one of his stores, following a five-year battle with the council.

Mandeep Singh initially applied for a drop curb in 2009, shortly after buying the Herries Road store, but didn’t get the go ahead until last week. The store was previously surrounded by yellow lines, meaning that customers either had to chance their luck and park illegally, or park around the corner and cross a road to reach the store.

“It’s taken five years, but we’ve had support from Booker and we kept fighting and didn’t give up,” said Mandeep, who owns three Singh’s Premier stores in Sheffield with twin brothers Vrinder and Baljeet.

The work is expected to be completed within three weeks and Mandeep has predicted that turnover will soar as a result.

“There will be about four parking spaces and people will be in and out all day. I know for a fact that our sales will increase. I think we’re looking at a 25-30% increase,” he said.