One Stop has unveiled a major revamp of its own label range, featuring improved product quality, a wider choice of lines and a stronger value proposition across the portfolio.

The initiative is designed to broaden the range and encompasses 330 own label lines in total. The first phase, starting this month, covers new lines in chilled food, meat and produce, with ambient grocery, impulse lines, frozen and non-food to follow in late October. In some cases, new own label skus will replace tertiary brands.

The relaunch is being backed by a campaign message of ‘You’ll Love the Change’ focusing on the improved quality, including greater levels of sourcing from UK suppliers, increased pack sizes and reduced prices.

Roadshows have been running this week to communicate the changes to franchisees and store colleagues, all of whom will be given a ‘have dinner on us’ voucher to encourage them to try the products for themselves. The new range will be supported by pos material and new fixtures and shelving to highlight the changes.

Tracey Clements, managing director for Tesco Convenience and ceo of One Stop said: “We are really excited to be introducing our new own label range which will be coming to stores shortly. It’s a big step forward in how we serve our local shoppers a little better every day.

“All of our customer insight, colleague and franchise feedback over the past couple of years has said that we need to get a better, broader own label range to meet the needs of our customers. Well, we have listened and developed a range that every colleague, franchisee and customer will love - a bold statement but one I hope you share once you have tried our new products.

“Through investment in our own label range, we will offer customers better quality products at lower prices, bigger pack sizes and better value across a broader range than ever sold before, particularly in fresh meat and produce.”