Campaigners against a proposed Tesco Express store in Norwich are hoping to up the ante in order to put an end to the long-running dispute.
Norwich Council has recently refused Tesco's fourth proposal to develop the site on Unthank Road, but concerned residents and local traders believe that the supermarket giant will be back for another go.
A local residents' group behind a 'Say no to Tesco' website is planning to deliver a leaflet to 4,500 households in the area, setting out its objections to Tesco's plans.
A spokesman for the group said: "Because this has been going on for so long and Tesco has made so many applications there is a lot of confusion about what is happening. We want to help clear this up and set out our case."
The group is calling on residents to write to the local council ahead of a further application from Tesco. He suggested that some members of the council appeared to be becoming more receptive to Tesco's case and that it was crucial for residents to make their opinions heard.