Nisa-Today's has begun the process of tendering for supply chain partners when its current distribution contracts expire in 2011.
The company has signed a £53.5m contract extension with current supplier DHL to continue delivering its frozen and chilled foods in the UK for the next three years, with the contract now due to finish in spring 2011, at the same time as that of ambient distributor Bibby Line.
The process, which Nisa believes will enable it to negotiate better terms with distributors in the face of rising fuel costs, has been named 'Project 2011' and began last month with a series of formal supplier presentations from a number of distributors.
John Sharpe, managing director of central distribution trading and logistics at Nisa Today's said: "This review is about planning the right solutions for the right stores - not a one-size-fits-all approach.
"It allows us to assess our current distribution operations and tailor them into a supply chain solution that meets the future needs of our members and our business."
A final decision will be made on the approved supply partners in April 2009, to allow sufficient time to implement any operational changes before the commencement of the new contract in 2011.