Nisa has announced availability levels of 98.2% with delivery on time running at 96% in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas pre-sales are up 5.6% in volume like-for-like on a year ago, while ambient pre-sell sales increased by 6.5% on last year, with sales of tinned biscuits and selected confectionery products driving the gains.

“We’re delighted to have consistently achieved sector leading distribution levels and view this as a key strength of Nisa membership,” said Jon Stowe, Nisa’s supply chain director.

“We have continued focus on our supply chain as our priority has and always will be the independent retailer. We’ve worked hard to deliver solutions which improve the experience for our members.”

A recent member survey showed satisfaction was at record levels, with 94% of Nisa members happy with levels of availability and 78% happy that deliveries were on time. The survey also found that 89% of members were happy with service levels.