Subpostmasters have called for more support following the reduction of payments from Post Office Ltd.

The National Federation of Subpostmasters (NFSP) believes that the Post Office’s decision to reduce the Core Tier Payment, or fixed pay, and the removal of the mail segregation payment for sorting post in branches will cost subpostmasters almost £5m a year in lost revenue.

NFSP general secretary George Thomson labelled the decision as “scandalous” given the current economic climate.

“These are difficult times in the high street and there is a cavalier attitude being displayed by the Post Office to those providing a vital service to the public,” he said. “To unilaterally remove the mail segregation payment like this and to reduce pay for subpostmasters so soon in the financial year is scandalous and shows what POL thinks of subpostmasters.”

Thomson also urged the government to “step up” to support subpostmasters by offering more of its services through the network. “The government has to make up its mind if they want POL to be a viable organisation separate from Royal Mail,” he said. “The government promised support to post offices and it has failed spectacularly in this.”