News UK is offering independent retailers The Sun and The Times internal and external displays for their stores.

As part of its drive to revitalise the news category, it is making The Sun and The Times branded awnings, shop fascias, window branding and blade signage available to independent retailers who join their Retail+ partner programme and pass an assessment of News UK title sales. There are also branded internal display stands available designed to help promote the news category in a “fresh and vibrant way”.

News UK CEO Mike Darcey said: “The investment is made to support thousands of independent retailers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland and shows our commitment to print sales in the strongest and most visual way possible. Our offer of a stylish The Sun or The Times branded refit is the next logical step to maximise sales for our largest retail channel.”

Retailers who are interesting in joining the Retail+ initiative and receiving the branding should contact News UK on 0134 418574.