Bristol-based Nearby Stores is to offset the carbon emissions of its electrical equipment by planting trees on a farm in Devon.
Nearbys, which operates under the Spar fascia in the South and West of England, has taken out a £45,000 Eco-lease on the purchase of new equipment, which ensures that the environmental damage it causes will be balanced out by investment in eco-friendly schemes.
Nearbys managing director Allen Hutchby said: "We are keen to do something to counter the effects of carbon emissions of our equipment. It costs us a bit more but at least we know that what we are paying genuinely covers our carbon footprint."
The Eco-lease is a new initiative offered by Henry Howard Finance, which leases assets to retailers including CCTV, refrigeration equipment and epos. The impact of the equipment's carbon emissions is calculated to a formula and a premium is added to the leasing agreement. This is then invested in schemes such as tree planting.