New guidance on displaying men’s lifestyle magazines has been published by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS).

Designed to assist retailers in understanding best practice and compliance when it comes to displaying men’s lifestyle magazines, the guidance includes recommendations on placement of the magazines, which titles they shouldn’t be stocked beside, and how to display them when space is constrained to minimise the potential for offence.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said the move was designed to help create a more family-friendly environment in stores.

“Parents should not feel uncomfortable shopping in their local store with their children,” he said. “Retailers recognise this and there is a longstanding voluntary commitment in place to display ‘lads’ magazines in a way that reduces their visibility to children.”

The guidance was endorsed by families minister Edward Timpson. “We are reassured by our work since the publication of the Bailey Report eighteen months ago that there is a high level of awareness amongst retailers about best practice in this area,” he said. “I hope that this practical, easy to follow guide will help retailers respond to the concerns of their customers and demonstrate that they can play a part in building the family-friendly society we all want to see.”

The guidance is available on the ACS website.