Four hundred image-conscious Costcutter retailers have given their stores a makeover since the chain launched its new corporate look.
The Manek family's store in Whittleford, Nuneaton, is the 400th store to get the treatment during the past two years and Mukesh Manek reports turnover has doubled within two months of joining the symbol group.
"We were an independent store for 25 years prior to joining Costcutter," said Mukesh. "We didn't realise that the imagery was so powerful."
Costcutter's new look includes a redesigned fascia as well as large window graphics, more chiller space and broken aisles. Its development team is updating about six shops a week and hopes to eventually reach all its 1,500 stores.
"It's important that retailers refresh their stores every few years," said national development manager Barry Coles, "as people become used to the style and begin to think that nothing in the store changes at all."