Camelot has promised to install an additional 1,300 lottery terminals if its bid for the third lottery licence is successful.

The current operator made the announcement as it was joined by just one other bidder, India's largest lottery operator Sugal & Damani, in the race to win the licence that runs from 2009 to 2019.
The new terminals will bring the number of lottery outlets to 27,600. The operator has promised a successful bid will include the expansion of its Fast Pay system - currently available only in Tesco - and the availability of digital screens for all retailers.
It also revealed plans for a world lottery draw with a potential £250m jackpot, as well as a possible tie-in with satellite navigation systems to pinpoint lottery retailers.
Rival bidder Sugal & Damani said that technology was at the heart of its bid. It revealed that it would increase the current 5% commission to retailers and also offer all independent lottery retailers a medical welfare scheme.
In a requirement set out by the National Lottery Commission, both bidders will have to re-install an entire network of new lottery terminals.
When the lottery licence was first advertised in 1993 there were eight bidders. Others involved in previous licence bids, including Sir Richard Branson's People's Lottery, have claimed the odds are stacked too heavily in Camelot's favour.
But Camelot was quick to point out it did not underestimate Sugal & Damani's bid.
Camelot director of sales Steve Lucas told Convenience Store: "Supporting retail is at the heart of our bid. We also recognise that innovation and NPD is a key driver of sales.
"We will continue to provide free access to help for
lottery retailers and ensure terminals are smaller and easier to use.


Sugal & Damani promises to:

Return more money to good causes
Reduce the cost of technology by using in-house systems
Introduce new games to increase revenues
Increase commission to retailers above the current 5%
Establish a medical welfare scheme for independent retailers

Camelot promises to:

Expand the number of lottery terminals by 1,300 from 2009
Extend the availability of Fast Pay
Increase returns to good causes
Introduce a new world lottery draw with a possible £250m jackpot
Install smaller and more efficient terminals
Offer new services including event ticketing through lottery terminals